Outdoor Adventure Activities

Allambee Camp specialises in outdoor adventure activities and offers a variety of challenges for all ages and abilities.

All activities are strictly conducted according to the Standard Operating Procedures which are part of the QTAP Accreditation process and following Department of Education & Training Guidelines for Education Outdoors as well as Victorian Outdoor Industry Standards (Adventure Activity Standards AAS Guidelines). The activities are provided within the safe boundaries of the camp, with the exception of the bushwalk and night walk that are conducted through the adjacent forest. All activities are set up in close proximity to the buildings and are easily accessible.

All staff and owner-operators have current Working With Children Check Cards. Our activity instructors / facilitators are qualified to run our outdoor adventure activities and have a minimum of Cert. III in Outdoor Recreation or equivalent qualification in addition to rigorous in-house training. If you require details in regards to the staffing for your program please contact us.

The all year round available activities include:

  • Abseiling Tree (Grade 5+ activity)
  • Giant Swing
  • Flying Fox
  • Vertical Challenge (high ropes)
  • Dangle Duo (high ropes, Grade 5+ activity)
  • Archery
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Billy Carts
  • Initiative Course
  • Bushwalking
  • Geocaching (Grade 5+ activity)
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Hut Building
  • Orienteering (with compass or directions depending on age group)
  • Race Around the World (photo hunt)
  • Camp Fire Cooking
  • Bush Arts & Crafts
  • Games sessions

The all year round night time activities include:

  • Camp Fire
  • Reflector Trail
  • Night Walk
  • Camp Out in tents

Additional summer time activities in the pool are:

  • Raft Building
  • Swimming

School group packages

All programs are customised to meet the needs of the client group. School groups can either book the standard 50% staffed program or chose to have a 100% staffed program.

With a 50% staffed program the highly specialised activities such as Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Abseil Tree, Vertical Challenge (high ropes), Dangle Duo (high ropes) and Bushwalking are run by our qualified camp staff. The Night Walk is also led by a camp staff member. Activities such as the Low Ropes Course and Archery are started off by camp staff (safety briefing and instructions) before school staff can take over the supervision. The school staff led activities include Hut Building, Orienteering, Geocaching, Initiative Course etc. School staff are briefed on these activities on arrival and receive written instructions to follow during these activity sessions. Teachers are briefed on night activities such as the Camp Fire & Reflector Trail.

With the 100% staffed program all day time activities and the Night Walk are led by camp staff.

Water based activities require supervision by a person with qualifications for a Type 1 venue. According to the Department of Education & Training this would be an AUSTSWIM Certificate, Bronze Medallion, Pool Lifeguard Certificate, Surf Rescue Certificate, Community Surf Lifesaving Certificate or White Water Rescue Training. This can either be a school staff member or a camp staff member.

Most outdoor adventure programs for school groups are outcome based programs. The standard outcomes we focus on are listed below, but Allambee Camp will finalise the individual goals with each group. Throughout the stay values and goals such as respect, leadership, teamwork, having a positive attitude, independence, collaboration, inclusiveness, relationships, making new friends and much more are emphasised. It is part of the Allambee Camp culture to encourage students to have a go, try new things and step out of their comfort zone. All learning outcomes are strongly linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Some of the outcomes Allambee Camp staff focus on are:

  • Giant Swing Focus – Step out of your comfort zone
  • Flying Fox Focus – Conquer your fears, develop a positive attitude towards challenge
  • Vertical Challenge & Dangle Duo Focus – Persistence and resilience
  • Abseil Tree Focus – Gaining trust, personal confidence and self-esteem through taking on challenges and achieving success
  • Low Ropes Course Focus – Responsibility, perseverance and commitment
  • Hut Building Focus – Work cooperatively in planning activity and solving problems
  • Initiative Course Focus – Demonstrate initiative, display social confidence (come out of shell), make a positive contribution to the success of the group
  • Billy Carts & Bouldering Wall Focus – Building confidence and developing skills

and much more….

Activities for various groups

Many social and sporting clubs, youth groups, church groups, family groups, organisations supporting people with disabilities, and corporate groups visit Allambee Camp every year. These groups have many options to choose from, for example:

  • Running their own program and their own group activities
  • Using the sports & recreation facilities at any time as well as the pool in summer
  • Group leaders to run selected camp activities following written procedures
  • Book Allambee Camp staff for the specialised activities

Groups can use all sports & recreation activities free of charge. These include the adventure playground, swings, Ga Ga ball pit, slack line, ninja slack line, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and other ball games. Also, group leaders can run selected camp activities free of charge, this includes the Initiative Course, Billy Carts, Bouldering Wall, Bushwalking tracks etc. Written instructions are supplied and camp staff will brief the leaders on arrival.

Groups can choose to book Allambee Camp staff for the specialised activities such as Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Vertical Challenge (high ropes), Dangle Duo (high ropes), Abseil Tree, Low Ropes Course and Archery.

In summer the pool is great for cooling off. Water based activities for children require supervision by the parents or supervision by a person with a Pool Lifeguard Certificate or equivalent if parents are not on site / available.

School holiday program

During school holidays we want to give children the opportunity to play with same aged children, making new friends and doing fun activities. Our summer & winter school holiday program offers your children just that. Children get to participate in fun & challenging outdoor adventure activities while being part of our camp community. We believe our programs are age appropriate for children between Year 2-7.

Our school holiday program runs in January and July.

For prices and more information please contact us via Contact Form or call 03 5634 4221.


If your stay extends over several days and you would like to do an excursion, please explore the attractions in our region listed below. These attractions can also be visited on the way to / from Allambee Camp via a short detour.


If your group would like to learn more about some amazing native animals, Allambee Camp can organise an incursion for you by Animals of OZ. Animals of OZ offer mobile wildlife education programs. The shows are fun, interactive and educational. Animals of Oz can bring animals such as pythons, frogs, lizards, crocodiles, birds, possums, wombats and many more. Click on Animals of OZ for more information.