Indoor facilities

Indoor facilities at Allambee Camp include:

  • Strzelecki Lodge, capacity 64
  • Wattle Lodge, capacity 20
  • Mountain Ash Lodge, capacity 18
  • Multipurpose room in Strzelecki Lodge
  • Dining room
  • Commercial kitchen and big BBQ (self-catering groups have access to this kitchen)
  • Indoor sports & recreation area with basketball and table tennis

Outdoor & recreation facilities

Outdoor & recreation facilities at Allambee Camp include:

  • Outdoor adventure activities as per Activities page
  • Recreation facilities such as adventure playground with swings/slide/climbing, slack line, ninja slack line, Ga Ga ball pit, beach volleyball, plenty of space and equipment for other sports and ball games
  • Deck outside dining room with outside eating area
  • Camp fire circle
  • Pool (seasonal)
  • Open grassy spaces for games
  • Outside toilet block

Details of accommodation buildings & indoor facilities

The total capacity of Allambee Camp is 100 beds.

Strzelecki Lodge

Strzelecki Lodge is the main lodge located on top of Billy Cart Hill with amazing views down the rolling Gippsland hills. Strzelecki Lodge has a capacity of 64 beds in 2 sections. One section of the building has 4 rooms and shared bathrooms under the same roof; the other section has 3 rooms with shared bathrooms. All rooms are carpeted and heated.

Leaders & teachers of school groups that need to supervise young campers in this lodge can use the small rooms in each of these two sections.

Multipurpose room in Strzelecki Lodge

In Strzelecki Lodge there is a comfortable multipurpose room fitted out with AV equipment. It can be used used for recreation activities, meetings, workshops and much more. There is a projector & big screen, sound system, DVD/CD player and TV. The projector has connections for a laptop (15pin) or iPad and the sound system can be connected to any laptop/tablet/music player/phone that has a socket for headphones. Furthermore there is a whiteboard in the multipurpose room as well as bean bags, chairs and a pool table.

Wattle Lodge

Wattle Lodge, nestled in between majestic trees and the pool has a capacity of 20 beds in 4 rooms. All rooms are carpeted and heated. There are shared bathrooms in this lodge. The group leaders / teachers can stay in the teacher’s en suited room of 2 for supervision of young campers.

Mountain Ash Lodge

Mountain Ash Lodge at the entrance of the camp has a capacity of 18 beds in 3 rooms. All rooms are carpeted and heated. There is one shared bathroom under the same roof and access to the adjoining disabled bathroom. There are small rooms available for group leaders / teachers that need to supervise young campers.

Dining room and kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are in a separate building in close proximity to Strzelecki and Wattle Lodge. Adjoining the dining room is a spacious exterior dining area. The dining room can be used as a meeting space outside meal times.

Indoor sports & recreation area

Our large indoor sports / recreation area is set up with basketball and table tennis, but it can also be used for other indoor activities and games, especially in wet weather.