COVID-19 Update

We are looking forward to welcoming school, family, church, youth, community and other groups here at Allambee Camp. Please see DET website for guidelines in regards to school camps & excursions and please see VIC Government Coronavirus website for restrictions in regards to other groups.

School Camps – In line with advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer all schools can undertake school camps across Victoria. Bookings for school camps are not bound by public gathering limits. The DET website provides guidance to operators of school camps and participating school groups on health and safety measures recommended to manage risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19). Please note that we do offer our clients SOLE USE, so there’s no sharing of facilities and no mixing of school groups.

School ExcursionsExcursions can now resume for all schools and year levels. There is no limit on group sizes, but excursions need to comply with any specific capacity limits on venues that are being used. To support contact tracing schools must keep a record of all staff, students and volunteers who attend excursions, where the excursion is to, and the time spent at the venue.

Community groups – Please check the VIC Government Coronavirus website for up to date restrictions. Here the main points:

  • Businesses must have COVIDSafe plans, our COVIDSafe plan is published under Resources.
  • Public gatherings: Up to 200 people can gather outdoors from any number of households, infants under 12 months are not included in the cap.
  • Accommodation: Each booking is restricted to the private gathering limit (currently 100 persons, which is our max. capacity as well).
  • Hospitality: Up to 200 people without density quotients (our max. capacity is 100), all venues must use the Victorian Government QR Code Service through the Service Victoria app.
  • Face masks: Must be carried at all times. Please wear masks as per Government restrictions

Stay safe by washing your hands regularly, having a face mask with you and wearing it when required, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and keeping at least 1.5 metres from others.

Further details can be found under Outdoor activities are run according to the Industry Restart Guidelines for Physical Recreation Indoor and Outdoor. Industry Restart Guidelines for Accommodation do apply as well as Industry Restart Guidelines for Hospitality.

Please note that our QR code is displayed in prominent locations, you MUST register on arrival.

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