School Holiday Camp

School Holiday Camp January 2021 / Dates TBC soon

After a successful 5-day program during the July 2020 school holidays, we are planning on returning with this program during the next school holidays in January 2021. We follow Industry Restart Guidelines as well as our COVID-19 Policy & Procedures and our COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures. Further information around Risk Management can be viewed and downloaded from our Resources page.

The COVID-19 roller coaster takes it’s toll on adults as well as children. Anxiety as well as uncertainty affects children as much as adults. Being in lock down and remote learning hasn’t been easy for anyone, in particular not for energetic and outdoor loving children. Many primary aged children struggle to express the emotions that they are feeling during these tough times i.e. frustration, being overwhelmed with the situation etc. We do believe that it is more important than ever to spend time outdoors, enjoy nature and find your balance. It is important for children to socialise with other children, get together in play and have some fun.

Restrictions will ease on the 23rd of November 2020 to the point that we will be able to have groups of 10 in accommodation (from any family) as well as outdoor recreation and dining. This is an important step forwards and allows us to get children together again, so they can enjoy some days at camp. There is plenty of activities to participate in. Our school holiday camp is a great opportunity for children to spend some time away from home, play with other children the same age and do some exciting outdoor adventure activities. Evening sessions are included as well and 24hr supervision. Life is never boring at camp!

What is a school holiday camp?

Our school holiday program is a 24hr fully supervised action-packed stay at Allambee Camp. Allambee Camp staff run outdoor adventure activities in a safe environment. This holiday camp includes lots of fun and exciting activities such as:

Abseil Tree, Archery, Billy Carts, Bouldering Wall, Bushwalking, Camp Fire Cooking, Flying Fox, Games, Geocaching, Giant Swing, Hut Building, Initiative Course, Low Ropes Course, Race Around the World, Vertical Challenge (high ropes) and the most popular activity at camp…. Ga Ga Ball!

Supervised evening activities such as night walk, camp fire, trivia night, talent show and games are also part of our program.

What do children gain from this program?

Independent research clearly shows that children who participate in adventure-based programs grow in independence, interpersonal relationships, leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem. There is no better way to improve a young person’s mental and physical health than to take part in a camp, especially following such a long period of social isolation.

For which age group is this camp?

The program we offer is designed for children from Year 2-7. We do believe that our program will give children the opportunity to grow as a person, make new friends, explore new activities and allow them to become more independent in a safe and supervised environment.

What are the options and costs for this camp?

5-days / 4-nights = $480 incl. GST
4-days / 3-nights = $385 incl. GST
3-days / 2-nights = $290 incl. GST
2-days / 1-night = $195 incl. GST

Day camp only (if you prefer to drop off / pick up your child each day, 8.30am to 5.30pm) = $60 incl. GST (incl. morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea and activities all day)

All overnight camp prices include:

  • Meals: Day of arrival – morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Day at camp – breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Day of departure – morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea.
  • Activities throughout the whole stay
  • Accommodation in gender & age specific rooms (low numbers)
  • Camp staff supervision day & night

What times does the program start / finish?

Drop off is between 9.30-10 am on day 1.
Pick up is between 3.30-4.00pm on the last day of your stay.
If you have commitments and need to drop the children off or pick them up at any other time, please let us know.

Who is looking after my child/children?

Roman and Imelda Cathomen are the proprietors of Allambee Camp. Their venue is specialised in residential camps and is a Quality Tourism Camp & Adventure Activity Accredited Operator. Allambee Camp is also member of the Australian Camps Association.

All camp staff that will work with the children have Working With Children Check Cards and follow our Child Safety Policy & Code of Conduct which can be found under the resources on this website. The instructors are trained and experienced in running all outdoor adventure activities. Our staff will be there to look after the children 24 hours a day. All staff have been trained in COVID safe practices.

How are the risks around COVID-19 managed at camp?

Our COVID-19 Policy & Procedures, our COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures as well as the Industry Restart Guidelines are followed at all times. COVID-related questions are included in the registration form, there will be a screening process on arrival and on a daily basis. The Allambee Camp COVID-19 Policy & Procedures has been implemented and guidelines re. hygiene, cleaning, cleaning of equipment, social distancing etc. are followed at all times. Allambee Camp will be following Victorian Government restrictions on gathering size too. Children will be sharing rooms and bathrooms, but there will only be a low number of children per room/bathroom. Showers/bathrooms and high traffic areas will be cleaned regularly. If your child is unwell or has recently been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient, your child can not participate in this program. Please be aware that if your child becomes unwell during camp, your child will be quarantined and we will ask you to pick your child up immediately. No camper is to attend camp if feeling unwell, even if they have non COVID-19 like symptoms.

How can I book my child/children in?

If you would like to go ahead in booking your child in please contact us to receive a Registration & Consent Form. Please complete this form, then sign and email/message it back to us as per instructions on the form. The camp fees can be transferred into our bank account and your child’s/children’s spot will be secured as soon as form & payment have been received. We will also send out an email with more information regarding your child’s/children’s camp closer to the camp dates.

Please note:

We do believe that this program is suitable for children as young as Grade 2, but children need to be able to shower etc. independently and feel comfortable in a group setting. Please note that we do not provide 1:1 care. Please make sure your child is independent enough to follow safety and other instructions at all times and is happy in a group environment.

Please contact us if your child/children are interested in joining us for the next holidays or call 03 5634 4221.